geared towards the provision of exemplary collaboration system that would be a genius platform for construction and project management.


INAXUS is a software for construction from SIT Technologies which was founded in 2009, as an Information and Communication Technology firm whose core expertise is the provision of information and process management in various industries across the Globe.

Construction is a very complex industry, which particularly applies the same for the Construction branches that it covers such as the Oil and Gas, Mining, Power Generation, Manufacturing and Civil Infrastructure.

The problems that arise in the Construction Industry are far more tangled compared to other organizations and businesses.

INAXUS provides a simple but an outstandingly well-defined construction collaboration platform that we describe as “the key solution to the challenging industries of today”.

INAXUS does one thing exceptionally well: we work with the best industry experts to provide the Construction World a premier fit common construction project and collaboration platform to reach a common end result of simplifying construction management and achieving optimum results.


To be the top solution and technology provider to the Construction Sector and to the construction areas which are the most challenging including Oil & Gas, Civil Infrastructure, Power Generation and Manufacturing.


We aim to change the management norms of the Construction Industry including the most challenging construction branches in the world today. Hence we innovate but at the same time do not compromise on the core requirements and foundations.


We always aim to be competitive and gear towards the best in all aspects including adhering strictly to ISO best standard practices, effective management, quality, maintenance and strict compliance of the policies.

We don’t only provide you a system, we provide you a team of experts from different industries.















INAXUS is formed by a team of combined creative, technical and strategic talents that are industry wide experts.
Our team is sub categorized into three specific areas which all possess a hunger for innovation and determination.





The team rays out attributes which we believe will make any other individual, organization or business more dynamically successful and effective.

Simple. Dynamic and Innovative. Do you have what it takes?















Be Great. Be INAXUS.

We definitely claim that we don’t operate as the usual. We are different in so many ways. We embrace challenge and we continuously inspire each other to share something great to the world. If you have what it takes, join the INAXUS team!

Be Simple.

Minimalist and timeless. We believe in creating more than what others can see in the simplest way possible. Edgeless and infinite. Our aim is to provide sophistication in our processes and solutions to be adaptive to any kind of environment, organization or scope. We create simplicity but flawless

Be Innovative.

In a world with timeless change and with the pace of todays’ generation, INAXUS firmly believes in being five times ahead of the game. Each and every day is a game of the unknown, is a game of a new birth. We believe in proactively thinking ahead. We don’t just create, we innovate change.

Be Dynamic.

We don’t cage ourselves to one particular point, area or scope. We always want growth, we believe in discovery, we believe in being dynamic. We are a team of hungry individuals who aims not just to provide but to completely change how you look at things. We are infinitely dynamic.




We believe that information is key to any project success.

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We believe that information is key to any project success. Feel free to ask us anything. Know us more.


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