A Hybrid Construction Management Software

Manage all project critical processes and gear towards the future of paperless innovation.

  • Documents Management
  • Submittals and Drawings
  • Cost Management
  • Mails & Collaboration
  • RFI Module
  • Transmittals
  • Workflow Management
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • Project Directory
  • Digital Logs
  • LIVE Camera
  • Site Photos

Cost Management

The gateway to your construction costs and financials.

  • Create Project Contracts and Budgets
  • Monitor Variation and Change Orders
  • Payment Applications & Certifications
  • Cost Reviews and Approval Workflows
  • BOQ and Earned Values
  • Project Costs Reports & Dashboard

Productivity and Task Management

The tool to enhanced labor productivity & tasks accountability.

  • Monitor Real Time Productivity
  • Track Tasks Progress & Deliverables
  • Staff & Labor Digitalized Timecard and Attendance Management
  • Identify Risk Areas
  • Productivity Rate Insights
  • Staff and Labor Effectivity and Efficiency
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Construction Project Management in a BOX
Manage your project processes efficiently and effectively with just 3 key modules.

  • Electronic Documents Management
  • Mails & Collaboration
  • Workflow Management

Easy. Quick. Cost Efficient.
Setup your project in less than 5 minutes.

Features and Modules

Our expertise and edge lie upon the MODULES and FEATURES that we offer
which are defined and suited to aid the challenging industries of today!

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6 Reasons To Use INAXUS
  • 1

    Construction Expertise

    We comprise of construction consultants and trainers that know and speak your language as the foundation and base of the system are coined by construction domain experts that will impart best standard practices in all aspects of your project.

  • 2

    Modern User Interface

    One of our core principles is to have a modern and easily adaptable user interface that would allow users to navigate through the system and be empowered enough to steer away to paperless innovation.

  • 3

    Quick Implementation

    Construction being a very dynamic industry has a unique set of demands and conditions. With this, INAXUS’ goal is a speedy and swift implementation period that would not take not more than 7 to 10 days.

  • 4

    Affordable Price

    INAXUS’ aim is to help projects achieve return of investments and cost savings. Hence, we don’t burden projects with sky high costs. INAXUS is affordable and cost efficient allowing projects to save time, money and deliver quality projects.

  • 5

    Custom Configuration

    INAXUS is made dynamic to fit and work with any type of project. From basics to mega projects, it’s only all about setting up your unique project configurations that best suits your project processes, protocols and type.

  • 6

    Efficient Support Service

    We don’t just provide you a construction project platform, rather, we load and aid you efficiently in various types of support that will help in the efficient and effective use of the system.

What Makes Us Different?

As every project is dynamic. We give you flexibility and the value of your money by our Unlimited Access Pricing

*Enterprise Customers

How We Benefit?

The Return of Investment (ROI) on why you should use and choose INAXUS


Cutting Direct Costs


Increase Productivity


Boosts Completion


Avoid Disputes


Lessen Revisions

*Disclaimer: The data above are based on INAXUS research and findings that is purely subjective depending on the usage of the clients and upon compliance of proper standards and processes.

Quick Brief of INAXUS

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